Past Presidents

2016 Alison Wilson, MD
2012 Ernesto Soltero, MD
2010 Robert Salem, MD
2008 Joseph Coselli, MD
2006 Alton Brown, MD
2005 Renat Akchurin, MD
2004 Roger Gregory, MD
2002 George Noon, MD
2000 F. William Blaisdell, MD
1998 Americo D. da Gama, MD
1996 Victor Bernhard, MD
1994 Wolf J. Stelter, MD
1992 Charles H. McCollum, MD
1990 H. Edward Garrett, MD
1988 E. Stanley Crawford, MD
1986 Donald G. Macleish, MD
1984 Alain Sisteron, MD
1982 Patricio Welsh, MD
1980 Youssif Al-Naaman, MD
1978 Arthur C. Beall, Jr., MD
1976 Panayotis E. Balas, MD
Kenneth L. Mattox (Left) Michael E. DeBakey (Center) and Americo da Gama (Right) at the 1998 Congress of the Society in Lisbon, Portugual